All About the Pioneers

Cobb, Hyndman, and Old Hyndman jutting into the horizon are a memorable welcome to the Wood River Valley from the south. These peaks are also a large part of what makes the view from Baldy spectacular.

The Pioneers are, of course, much more than three impressive peaks. At 12,000 feet, they nourish a network of high mountain lakes and streams. Out of sight from our favorite vantage points are the rolling hills that give way to productive farmland, punctuated to the south by lava beds.

The Pioneers are part of a remarkably pristine landscape that supports thriving wildlife populations, working farms and ranches, diverse ecosystems, and hunting and recreation opportunities.

On February 16, Mike Stevens of Pioneer Mountain Group and Lava Lake Land & Livestock will highlight the natural and cultural heritage of the Pioneers. Mike has spent considerable time working and recreating in this area. He has a wealth of knowledge on the recent pronghorn studies, sheep ranching, land management, the area’s geography and history, and current conservation efforts with the Pioneers Alliance.

Come enjoy a slide show and learn more about the land that lies directly east of the Wood River Valley.

Wednesday, February 16, 12-1pm

At the Community Library in Ketchum

Free Idaho Conservation League Brown Bag Lunch